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What are C/RE's Main Tenets?

    Your company’s expertise and success is in it’s chosen industry.
    A Real Estate re-alignment, expansion or acquisition is a time consuming and disruptive challenge to your company’s ongoing operations.
    Diverting your management’s attention from your core business can jeopardize the long term interests and success of your organization.
    Lease, purchase or expand your facilities effectively for the long term without compromising your standards.
    Retaining experienced Real Estate & Construction professionals to guide your management team throughout the entire process of a Real Estate re-alignment, expansion or acquisition will save time and capital.

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Doug Arndt's planning, coordination and project management helped make our Jackson, MN manufacturing facilities a world class center for the manufacturing of our agricultural equipment and enabled the support of our customers worldwide.
    A.E. McQuinn, Former CEO of Ag-Chem Equipment Co, Inc.
  • C/RE Associates consulting advice on a difficult commercial re-roofing project translated into savings of both time and money.
    J. Retherford,, CMA Management LLC
  • During our recent startup of a new facility, we were able to utilize Doug Arndt.s talents to save time and money. Doug's expertise in working with local government agencies was invaluable. His engineering skills and ability to act as a negotiator between Lessee and Lessor allowed us to meet a very short timeline. I can honestly say that we will not hesitate to use Doug's talents in the future!
    Tim Osterman, President, EO Tool & Plastics Inc.